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PR Consulting

Why PR?

Many new or small business owners use PR as a means of creating brand awareness as it is more affordable than advertising because PR does not involve costs associated with buying advertising space. PR is also more credible, as it involves a third party (the media) talking about your product or business, rather than having the message come straight from you in the form of advertising.

Why Blinc International?

Blinc International is not your typical PR agency. As we are specialists in many different aspects of media and marketing, we provide access to the entire marketing sphere.

At Blinc, we listen to your needs, learn your key messages and then put together a campaign which suits your business and budget. We then implement this to create publicity and exposure for your brand.

Whether you require traditional PR, you would like to undertake a social media campaign, distribute product to media to sample, or perhaps would like to arrange a radio promotion, Blinc is your one-stop-shop.

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