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Rugby Management

1. Background


Blinc have been managing sports talent for over 25 years.

We provide guidance and strategic advice across a breadth of services from managing rugby contracts through to commercial deals.

We understand what the athlete and their family members require.

The first question you may ask is “Why would I need a manager when I receive advice from family, friends and my lawyer?”

The answer is simple: Blinc specialises in rugby management and commercial negotiation and has a deep understanding of the entire marketplace as a whole. We make unemotional and well informed decisions in the best interest of our clients.

Blinc recognises the importance of family needs to an athlete and the vital and supportive roles that family members play in their career progression and is skilled in navigating the balance between professional and personal needs.


2. The Blinc Method


Meet with a prospective rugby player (and their family)

Understand their immediate needs and wants

Plan a strategy and direction for their career

Offer independent and professional advice with only the rugby players’ interests at heart and without emotion

Suggest the best pathway forward

Listen to the needs of our clients and offer advice that players need to hear (rather then what they want to hear)

Conduct extensive research in the marketplace, seeking out an all-around Value Proposition Vs purely an economic outcome


3. Blinc’s Success Strategy


Over and above the commercial aspect of any deal, Blinc take an interest in the clients long term needs and consider all factors including the right club fit for the player, in the right position, the health and medical facilities, the playing culture, the location to suit the players personality, and the team’s training facilities.

Blinc are well networked at CEO level within Rugby Australia and the four Super Clubs.

On a global basis, Blinc have representatives in Japan, the UK, Ireland and France, and have current player and coach placements in these countries.

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