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Jesinta and Move

11 Aug Jesinta and Move

Jesinta and MoveWhat was it?

Move is a premium retailer of electronics accessories which launched in 2013. They are uniquely positioned as holding only products that are premium in both technology and style and as having a fusion of fashion and ‘on-the-go’ electronics.

Since its inception, Move has opened nine stores nationally and was in need of an instantly recognisable and fashionable brand ambassador to support its rapid expansion plans. The objectives of the campaign were to:

  1. Continue to position Move Store as a destination for fashionable electronics
  2. Continue to drive organic reach through the use of brand ambassadors and media partnerships
  3. Raise brand profile to a national level
  4. Lift EDM subscribers
  5. Increase social engagement and customer acquisition via social media channels

Blinc successfully sourced Jesinta Campbell to front the brand and negotiated the agreement between Talent and Client for a period of 12 months.

How it worked

Blinc negotiated a contract between Move and Jesinta Campbell dor her to be ‘the face of the brand’ for a 12 month period. The campaign incorporated in-store appearances, digital presence, POS via catalogues and in store posters and allowance for publicity and interviews as well as an assurance that Jesinta was a ‘true ambassador’ which was reflected in her own social posts.

Why it worked

Jesinta Campbell captured the Move target market – Female-skewed, aged 20 – 35 with high disposable income. Sehe spoke well to influencers and leaders of style who are online and active in social media.

Jesinta had a strong social media presence and was able to talk to a digitally savvy audience through her own medium and by doing so in an authoritative voice on behalf of Move.

Jesinta’s instantly recognizable face gave stature to the relatively new brand, raising it to a national level in the eye of the consumer.


Jesinta’s posts on Move collectively received over 16,000 likes on Instagram and a further 800 likes on Facebook.

Case Studies

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