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Elderton Wines Promotion with Domayne Furniture

11 Aug Elderton Wines Promotion with Domayne Furniture

Elderton Wines Promotion

What was it?

Since 2013, Elderton Wines has had a partnership with Domayne furniture due to a successful negotiation with the retail giant by Blinc International.

The partnership was formed to run a promotion across Domayne’s 16 stores nationally in order to provide a sales incentive for Domayne’s customers, boost sales during a traditionally quiet period of time and to keep the Domayne furniture customer appeased while they wait for their delivery which, in many cases, would take up to 6 weeks to be received.

How it worked

Elderton Wines provided product at a specially reduced rate to Domayne furniture with the promotion being backed by Domayne advertising in-store, online, radio, TV and in their catalogues.

Elderton Wines provided sample products for point of sale impact and successfully managed the shipping of product to individual customers, which meant that Domayne did not have to spend any time on managing stock.

Customers who purchased over four different price points received packages of Elderton wines.

Domayne furniture committed to purchase the wines at a reduced rate only once their customers had committed to purchasing from them at the specific bundle rates.

Why it worked

Elderton wines was partnered with Domayne as a result of perfectly matched target markets and due to the nature of the product being purchased at Domayne:

– The Elderton wines offering fit the Domayne product price range in order to successfully work as a sales incentive

– The Domayne customer was often left waiting for a largely unidentified amount of time before enjoying their purchase.  The Elderton wines offering enabled Domayne to compensate for the amount of time their customers would wait for purchases to be delivered


To date, the Domayne promotion has run four times, with each one being more successful the last. The latest promotion in November 2014 produced sales of 15,000 bottles of wine and a massive 35% increase in furniture sales for Domayne.

Case Studies

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