Tania De Jong Blinc International
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Tania De Jong

Blinc International’s Speakers Bureau will provide you access to a range of high profile and knowledgeable speakers for your next conference, or event. You may be looking for an MC for the night, an industry leader for a powerful in-house presentation, a band or string quartet for your Christmas party or a comedian for your social event.

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Tania de Jong presents in a most unique way. As an inspirational speaker, singer and business woman, Tania performs, speaks and presents leadership workshops around the world. She has founded a number of successful businesses (Creative Universe, Creative Innovation Global, Music Theatre Australia and Pot-Pourri), created two charities (The Song Room and Creativity Australia) and has the voice of an angel. Watch Tanias TedX talk here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_HOBr8H9EM

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