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Blinc International’s Speakers Bureau will provide you access to a range of high profile and knowledgeable speakers for your next conference, or event. You may be looking for an MC for the night, an industry leader for a powerful in-house presentation, a band or string quartet for your Christmas party or a comedian for your social event.

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Kerri Pottharst
Motivational   Sport

Olympic Volleyballer Kerri Pottharst is a motivational powerhouse, encouraging her clients with both words and actions to achieve their dreams like she did at Sydney 2000 when she and partner Natalie Cook beat the ‘unbeatable’ Brazilians. The gold medalist has literally walked on coals to push herself past her comfort zone and limitations, and now shares her amazing energy and focus with others through motivational speaking.

Lawrie Lawrence

Star swim coach Lawrie Lawrence is a household name to Australians. The coach of Olympic swimmers Duncan Armstrong, Tracey Wickham and Jon Sieben, and the motivational force at the 2004 Athens Games for the Australian Olympic Team, Lawrie is a force of positive energy and master motivator.

Ric Charlesworth

High performance consultant and known as ‘the coach, Ric is a doctor of medicine and former captain of the Australian Hockey Team. A federal politician for ten years, he also retired to take up the position of National Coach of the Australian Women’s Hockey Team which won gold at Sydney 2000. Since then, the coach has mentored five coaches at the AIS, and acted as high performance coach to the Freo Dockers, and specialized in motivational speaking to bring out the best in everyone he meets.

Tania De Jong

Tania de Jong presents in a most unique way. As an inspirational speaker, singer and business woman, Tania performs, speaks and presents leadership workshops around the world. She has founded a number of successful businesses (Creative Universe, Creative Innovation Global, Music Theatre Australia and Pot-Pourri), created two charities (The Song Room and Creativity Australia) and has the voice of an angel. Watch Tanias TedX talk here

The Drum Caf

The unifying power of music to transform, inspire and motivate is brought to the corporate world through the drum caf’. Drumming is not just for rock stars for centuries it has been used to beat the soul to a new rhythm of working and living.

Tom O'Toole

The self-confessed ‘Kindergarten dropout’ baker Tom O’Toole relys on 95 % psychology and 5% technology’ and people skills rather than academia. The creator of Victorian bakery success Beechworth Bakeries, Tom energetically shares the secret of his success with his products and numerous speaking engagements.

Tony Christiansen

One of New Zealand’s inspirational speakers, Tony Christiansen has no legs and a no obstacle approach to life. He has become a pilot, a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Doe, a race car driver, lifeguard and company director. Tony is a living example of life.

Tony Mowbray

The exceptional Tony Mowbray empowers his audience with ‘the power of commitment’, a blueprint for success which has seen in his own life sail solo around the world. Tony reveals how his life experience and advice can help other people negotiate their own seas of challenges and circumstances.

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