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David Pocock – Wild Ark Ambassador

01 Jun David Pocock – Wild Ark Ambassador

Rugby Star David Pocock is currently spending six months on a South African nature reserve.

Pocock has signed to be Wild Arka’s ambassador, which is a foundation set up by Australians Mark and Sophie Hutchinson with the goal of creating education opportunities, eco-tourism and protecting bio-diversity.

Pocock has spent time at Pridelands where Wild Arka’s first wildlife conservancy is being established.

Born in Zimbabwe, David moved to Australia with his parents and siblings at the age of 14. He still goes back for two or three weeks every year as he still has family that live in the country. Taking time off his Rugby duties to be able to work with Wild Ark this will be the longest stay in Africa Pocock has had in nearly 14 years.

During his six month stay he will be travelling between South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe to train with Wild Ark. Pococka’s aim is to learn as much as he can so he can set up a conservancy on his family property in Zimbabwe.

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