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Latest News

The Australian rugby player David Pocock calls for change

The Australian rugby player David Pocock calls for change. Because it’s time to build societies that are healthier and better prepared for the challenges we will face in future pandemics and extreme weather events. Because we have the technology. We trust science. We need you. [embed][/embed]

Time to dig deep for those who haven’t had a good crisis

  Do the initials EOFY mean anything to you? It’s a relatively new abbreviation, but it’s become so widely used by marketers anxious to squeeze in one last bargain sale before their books close that you probably don’t need me to tell you it stands for end of the financial year. It’s...

How Sports And Sponsorship Can Rebound After Coronavirus

With global sport more or less grinding to a halt in the last month, brands have been forced to reassess the role of sponsorships. In this opinion piece, BenchVote founder Adam Mussa shares his thoughts on how the outbreak will change sports sponsorships. With global sport more or less grinding to...

Jim Collins: Revisiting The Stockdale Paradox

A number of my students and readers have asked if there is a particularly pertinent idea from our research that might be helpful in the uncertainty of the moment, as we face so much that is out of our control. I think first of The Stockdale Paradox, which has given...

Stoppage time for sponsors: Managing partnerships during a pandemic

Sport’s enforced hiatus has created untoward uncertainty for everyone in the sports industry, not least brand marketers and agencies. The full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the sponsorship sector will only become clear in time, but the current absence of live events throws up a host of dilemmas. If there...

Study: 70% of Americans against NFL starting under social distancing

Seton Hall poll shows 72% would not attend games before a Covid-19 vaccine is developed. If current social distancing measures remain in place through September, 70 per cent of Americans believe the National Football League (NFL) should not begin its season, according to a study by the Stillman School of Business...

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