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Blinc International’s Speakers Bureau will provide you access to a range of high profile and knowledgeable speakers for your next conference, or event. You may be looking for an MC for the night, an industry leader for a powerful in-house presentation, a band or string quartet for your Christmas party or a comedian for your social event.

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Catherine Lumby
Media Issues

Associate Professor Catharine Lumby is the Director of the Media and Communications Program at the University of Sydney and regularly commentates on media issues and controversy.

Catherine Saxelby
Health and Well Being

Health and Well Being expert Catherine Saxelby is an authority of nutrition and exercise, having authored seven books such as Nutrition for Life which sold 400,000 copies. She consults to household names such as Kellogs,, Unilever and Goodman Fielder as well as respected organisations such as the Heart Foundation.

Chantelle Newbery

Australian Diver who won Gold & Bronze in the Athens 2004 Olympics. She is married to Robert who is also a diver in his own right. Chantelle was recently elected by all the athletes in Beijing to be one of eight to be on the board of the Australian Olympic Athletes Commission. She is the perfect candidate to talk about balancing your professional and family life.

Chris Caton

Chris Caton is the chief economist for the BT Financial Group, and the former chief economist at the Bankers Trust until 1999. He has advised the government on matters to the housing industry and previously worked in the Treasury, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Ciaran McGuigan

The author of the world’s best sales pitch and impact negotiating, Ciaran McGuigan, reveals the secrets of negotiation and training to hard to impress sales teams. He has worked with St George Bank, Macquarie Bank, Amazon, News Ltd and other blue chip clients, and headed audiences of up to 1500 people as well as intimate workshops.

Craig Rispen

Technology Guru and trend forecaster Craig Rispin is a soothsayer for savvy business people wanting to know the next big thing. In his stellar career Craig has worked with household names such as Apple, Mercedes Benz, Disney and Phillips Electronics, and now teaches how to leave the competition in the past while your business finds future opportunities.

Dave Hughes

Naturally funny and laconic, Dave Hughes’ self depreciating wit has seen him become Australia’s biggest stand up comedian with sell out performances across the country. Dave co-hosted the Glasshouse with Wil Anderson, and contributes to ‘before the game’ during the AFL football season.

David Koch
Finance and Economy

David Koch was voted by his peers as one of the top ten most influential money men in Australia. He’s also the immensely popular host of Sunrise, the Seven Network’s daily breakfast show with co-presenter Mel Doyle. David is passionate about communicating anybody can build wealth ‘ but you can start with love and laughter. In addition to Sunrise, David is the finance editor for the Seven Network and Prime, and the finance editor for the Macquarie Radio Network.

Dawn Fraser

A sporting icon and triple Olympian Dawn Fraser is huge in Australia’s hearts as one of our finest female swimmers in Australian sporting history having won an amazing eight Olympic medals and held 37 world records.

Deane Hutton

One of Australia’s foremost science communicators, Deane Hutton, with co-presenter Rob Morrison made science sexy with their cult tv series The Curiosity Show. A teacher, lecturer, writer, television presenter and talkback radio host with a degree in science and a PHD in Visual Perception and Message Design, Deane is focused on the future of science and technology.

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