Phil Ruthven Blinc International
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Phil Ruthven

Blinc International’s Speakers Bureau will provide you access to a range of high profile and knowledgeable speakers for your next conference, or event. You may be looking for an MC for the night, an industry leader for a powerful in-house presentation, a band or string quartet for your Christmas party or a comedian for your social event.

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Social and economic futurist and strategist Phil Ruthven is chairman of IBISWORLD. According to Phil, 70% of the future’s jobs haven’t been invented yet, and amid the doomsdayers of impending disaster he is a voice who declares, while those warnings are useful, that the best is yet to come. Intruiging, Inspiring and unfailingly interesting, Phil Ruthven is one of Australia’s most sought after futurists whose opinion is regularly sought after in the media.

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