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Blinc International’s Speakers Bureau will provide you access to a range of high profile and knowledgeable speakers for your next conference, or event. You may be looking for an MC for the night, an industry leader for a powerful in-house presentation, a band or string quartet for your Christmas party or a comedian for your social event.

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Justin Herald

Told he had an attitude problem, Justin took his critic seriously ‘ literally. The young entrepreneur printed t-shirts with his attitude and launched a multi-million dollar fashion business. Once told he would amount to nothing, Justin later met his teacher by chance in the street and smiled when he saw that he was wearing none other than an ‘attitude’ t-shirt.

Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander turned his greatest setback ‘ an order of 2000 pyjamas cancelled by a department store into the foundation for his business when he turned to mail order to sell the surplus product. Now Peter’s stylish product and savvy mail order marketing on-line has made him the pyjama king.

Tom Potter

From one pizza shop in Albury, Tom Potter has built eagle boys into a national fast food franchise with over 250 stores in 17 years. His hard won business empire has taught him a wealth of knowledge which he now shares with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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