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Blinc International’s Speakers Bureau will provide you access to a range of high profile and knowledgeable speakers for your next conference, or event. You may be looking for an MC for the night, an industry leader for a powerful in-house presentation, a band or string quartet for your Christmas party or a comedian for your social event.

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Bill Granger

Best selling food author and creator of the Sydney’s favourite cafe ‘Bills’. Bill shares his of simple, irresistible dishes both nationally and internationally through television, print and radio.

Geoff Jansz

Celebrity chef Geoff Jansz shares his Sri Lankan heritage and love of food on the Nine Network Fresh, his cook books and his regular cooking classes in the Southern NSW highlands.

Iain Hewitson

Colourful Ian Hewitson continually cooks up a storm, whether on his cheeky lifestyle show, Never Trust a Skinny Cook, in his much loved cook books or in his range of best selling sauces.

Neil Perry

The creator of the iconic Sydney restaurant Rockpool, Neil Perry continues to be one of Australia’s most influential and in demand chefs. Neil heads a team of consultants to Qantas creating first class and business menus, presents on the lifestyle channel, and recently released his third cookbook, the Food I love.

Teresa Cutter

A personal trainer, expert kickboxer and known as ‘the healthy chef,’ Teresa Cutter is devoted to promoting personal balance and optimum health. Teresa’s book, 12 weeks to a better body, was voted best diet book by UK Times Online.

Victoria Hansen

Food writer and industry professional Victoria Hansen is a specialist in sharing her knowledge of creating wonderful menus on her daily radio segment, Victoria’s Kitchen, which airs daily on 2GB and throughout Australia.

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